Services We Offer

Ahtna Construction currently performs civil maintenance projects, mainline pipe repair activities and oil spill response on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. The services range the entire length of the 800 mile pipe from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez and present very unique hazards and challenges due to location, weather, and agency oversight. The challenging work environment with its varied terrain and changing environmental conditions means that creating a safe work environment is the highest priority at Ahtna Construction. Our Construction Services include but are not limited to:

Pipeline Maintenance
Cathodic Protection Systems
Pipe Coating and Painting
Material Mining
Bridge Installation and Maintenance
Construction Management

Revetment Improvements
Mainline Integrity Investigations
Fuel Gas Line Integrity Investigations
Fuel Gas Line Corrosion Investigations
Mainline Corrosion Investigations
Culvert Repairs
Road Construction

Oil Spill Response
Pipe Insulation
Asbestos Abatement
Right of Way Maintenance
Utility and Underground